BioSkin is both a family-owned company and a world leader in the design of orthopedic braces and sports medicine products.


For 25 years, we have designed premium sports medicine products for professional sports teams, orthopedic clinics, and active people all over the world. Even as our business has expanded, we’ve remained committed to improving people’s lives by helping them overcome pain and injury to stay active in every stage of life.


One reason we’ve succeeded in a very competitive marketplace, is that we constantly push the limits of innovation with sophisticated bracing solutions that reduce pain and restore mobility. Our goal is to help people regain the level of activity that they enjoyed before pain or injury put them on the sidelines.


BioSkin braces work as well as they do because we take our design cues from the human body. We rely on a deep understanding of human anatomy and physiology to design products that work in tandem with your body in order to provide the exact right amount of support and stability.