Braces & Supports

Shop for braces and supports. Get relief from pain, prevent or recover from ankle, back, knee, and other injuries.

Braces & Supports

Compressions, braces, and supports can help reduce pain, prevent injuries, or improve sports performance. Our braces and supports are what you need for effective pain and injury management and prevention. These products are professionally-designed to let you enjoy an active, pain-free life.

Many people in New Zealand suffer from pain due to various health problems. Pain and injury are particularly prevalent among those who lead an active, sporty lifestyle. It's not surprising to experience injuries once or twice if you run or lift weights.

Injuries that require braces and supports can range from mild discomforts to severe injuries that require surgery. If you are experiencing pain anywhere in your body, our braces and supports offer comfort and relief. 

Our bestselling braces and supports are durable yet comfortable. You can wear them for long periods without discomfort, but they offer enough compression wherever needed.

You need our braces and supports if:

You want to manage or prevent minor injuries.

Minor injuries can get worse if you ignore them. For example, we have knee sleeves that provide patella support and back stabilisers to relieve back pain.

You are recovering from injuries.

Braces and supports are necessary when you want to rehabilitate your injured body part. Wrist Palm Support, for example, is ideal for wrist sprains.

You are nursing chronic conditions.

Pain and inflammation can keep you from doing things you enjoy. Sometimes they even make something as basic as walking difficult. Our braces and supports are comfortable for long-time wear and have enough flexibility to let you move freely.