Wrist and Hand

Shop Compression Wrist and Hand Sleeve collection from Health7, a loyal brand from New Zealand for New Zealand people.

Wrist and Hand

Relieve pain from carpal tunnel, arthritis, tenosynovitis (inflammation of the tendon in the wrist), poor circulation, or swelling. Take the strain off your wrist, and provide comfortable compression and support while moderately restricting wrist motion. Compression glove versions to relieve aches, pains, and stiffness in the hands and fingers.

Wrist braces hold your wrist in a straight position and reduce movements that irritate. This helps alleviate wrist pain and inflammation from repetitive movements and conditions like CTS. Plus, they can help you recover from an injury or surgery.

You can choose your Wrist and Hand Sleeve based on these criteria:

Wrist Support: We chose braces that support the wrist in a neutral position. Here at Health7, we only have products that met these criteria, so let's talk about the next option you have to reduce your search.

Size Option: Our selection includes braces that are adjustable or available in different sizes.

Comfort: The wrist braces from Health7 are lightweight and breathable and use durable materials.

Price: Our prices are very competitive, and we always try to maintain the best price possible in New Zealand. Why? Because health is the most important thing besides everything else. That's our policy!

Our recommendation

If you have hurt your hand badly enough, then you should not use our hand and wrist sleeves all day! Your injured hand will subconsciously fight the immobilization, even if it's just for a little bit. And that can make the healing go a lot slower and be a lot harder for you to use your hand in the near future.