The tools that Health7 provides are safe, high quality, and used in many wound care cases.


Shop now our Wound Care Instruments collection and find the best product for your needs. Choose between a large variety of products including strips, utility scissors, scissor dressing sharp, forceps for aid, and many more!

Why would you want to buy these wound care instruments from us? Health7 is a medical online store created and based in New Zealand for New Zealand people and our mission is to take care of everyone here. We provide the best proven-to-work products for your needs, regardless of your problem. 

Our products are not only for minor wounds but for every kind of wound. For example, our splinters can get under the skin and be difficult to remove and our splinter kit provides an easy way to remove pieces of wood or other trapped debris from under the skin. If you leave the pieces of wood there, you will suffer in the long run and may at some point need a visit to plastic surgery to remove all the remaining pieces. 

You need to take action as soon as possible, because:

 - Injuries not treated in time can lead to serious infections and can affect your body or health in the long term, making them harder and harder to treat.

 - All our products are at a great price, perfect for anyone's pocket, you can buy some products that are more durable and you can use them only when needed!

 - Our stock are not unlimited, although we update our database very often. If you urgently need a product due to a more serious injury, send us a message or buy the product while it's still in stock!

You need to pay constant attention to your wounds and take care of them as quickly as possible. Our products are easy to use, hygienically clean, and proven to work.