You didn't know that you can check your cholesterol at home using our Roche Accutrend Plus Meter?


That's a surprise, everyone in New Zealand knows that.

The Accutrend Plus System is a flexible, hand-held point of care device for rapid and easy detection of four parameters on the spot: it offers quantitative results for glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides, and lactate directly from capillary blood. The device is tailored to be used outside the lab in the physician’s office and in the hospital as well as for self-measurement at home or during sports. Rapid results: Cholesterol in 180 seconds, triglycerides in 174 seconds, glucose in 12 seconds, and lactate in 60 seconds.

Besides our Accutrend Plus System, we do have for you three kinds of strips: cholesterol strips, triglycerides strips, and lactate strips.

The Cholesterol Strips are used for testing cholesterol levels in the blood. Some features of our product are:

- Yellow protective mesh, impregnated with a surfactant

- Glass fiber fleece that works as a separating layer for blood cells

- Reaction film in which the color formation takes place

The Triglyceride test strips are used to measure the fasting levels of natural fats and oils in the bloodstream. A benefit of our product is that will monitor triglycerides levels.

Lastly, our lactate test strips are used with the Accutrend Plus Meter to monitor lactate levels.

What Do the Results From a Cholesterol Home Test Kit Mean?

Your cholesterol level is one part of an equation that your doctor uses to determine your risk of a heart attack and stroke in the next 10 years. Other parts include your race, gender, age, HDL (good) cholesterol level, and blood pressure. In addition, the equation factors in your use of blood pressure medications, whether or not you have diabetes, and if you smoke.