Here you can find Sanitiser gel, cutan counter stand, alcohol foam hand sanitizer, and many more products that are proven to help you restore your health and be responsible for your hygiene.


If you want a safe home, then you should try to put one STAND in the lobby. Our stylish dispenser stands to aid in promoting hand sanitizing. It's user manual and touch-free, having a strong suction cup holder for use on countertops. Easy to assemble with only three main parts (you'll get an assembly tool too). It's made of sturdy metal for a great fixation. Durable coating to protect against wear and tear and low profile base to maximize stability.

It's easy to forget about these little products at home, but with a machine in your hallway that does the job automatically, you'll never let germs get to you. 

If it's safe for you and you know you use a gel for such situations, then we have that too. Our Health E Hand Sanitiser Gel is a lot cheaper but needs to be used by hand. It's portable, easy to carry, and very good against germs. Our Hand Sanitiser Gel is a convenient, no washing, no rinsing, hand cleanser. Contains 70% alcohol which is the most effective level as a disinfectant to penetrate the cell wall and kill 99,99% of germs.

Our Foam Antiseptic Handrub is a highly effective alcohol foam antiseptic hand rub. Contains conditioners to help prevent skin dryness and leave the skin feeling soft and smooth for an excellent after-feel.

As you can see, we have a wide variety of products within our health and hygiene collection.