Check out our Health7 Textiles collection, a place where you can find anything from Clothing protectors to Anti-bacterial waterproof pillow clean sleep.


Textile products are defined as raw, semi-worked, semi-manufactured, manufactured, semi-made-up, or made-up of products that are exclusively composed of textile fibers, regardless of the mixing or assembly process employed.

Textiles are created from fibers and threads from natural or artificial materials. Textile includes threads, cords, nets, and a lot more. Textile fibers are made into fabrics using different methods like weaving, knitting, and felting. The number of steps involved and the speed of production determine the cost of the fabrication process. To simply put, the fewer the steps and the quicker the process, the cheaper the fabric.

Sometimes, it is tough to differentiate textiles from fabrics but this should not be the case.

Here are some benefits why you should use our textile products:

 - Everything you need is in one place. You won't have to search every possible store in the New Zealand market to find what you need. Everything is easy to purchase directly from the Health7 online medical store.

 - The price is more than fair. All our prices are competitive, offering the most advanced products in terms of price and quality. We work together with very big brands in the market to offer you the best crafted and proven-to-work products here.

 - Quality, soft, cotton/polyester blend promoted patient comfort and product durability

 - Some of our textile products are elastic-free construction to allow for additional durability

If you have any questions related to our Textiles collection or any specific product, we are here to listen and answer carefully and as soon as possible!