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Skin Care

Here you can find, as the name suggests, non-sterile wooden cotton tips pack with 150 sticks for your ear care. 

Many people use cotton swabs to clean their ears. The reason for this is often to clear earwax from the ear canal. However, while it's safe to clean the outside of your ear with a cotton swab, it's best to avoid using them inside your ear. Using cotton swabs inside your ear is associated with a variety of complications, including injury and infection. 

The potential damage of using Cotton Tips

Earwax is helpful to your ears. It keeps them from getting too dry, traps dirt, and prevents bacteria from reaching deeper into your ear. Because your ears are self-cleaning, it's often unnecessary to clean them yourself. However, one survey study still found that 68% of respondents said they used cotton swabs to clean their ears. 

Inserting a cotton swab into your ear can cause a variety of problems, including:

 - Earwax impaction

 - Injury

 - Infections

 - Foreign body in the ear

How to safely clean your ears

 Firstly, use cotton tips only for the outside of the ear! Then,

1. Soften. Use a dropper to carefully add a few drops of baby oil, mineral oil, or glycerin into your ear. 

2. Irrigate. A couple of days after softening the earwax, irrigate your ear. 

3. Drain. After irrigating, gently tip your head to the side to allow the water to drain from your ear.

4. Dry. Use a clean towel to dry the outer part of your ear.