Welcome to the Bandages collection.


We know the pain you feel now after maybe overdoing those weights or exercises you do every day. That's why we are here to help you, offering two of the bests bandages in the whole New Zealand market, at a more than a fair price! We have roller bandages and sports bandages, both great for supporting your joints or limb.

Our Sport Cohesive Bandage Un-Wrapped can be used to immobilize joints following injury, provide compression as well as secure and protect primary dressings. The non-stick formula ensures it sticks to itself, but not to the skin. It is flexible and stretchy and conforms to the body. Constructed from a porous fabric tape that sticks only to itself, making it comfortable to wear and easy to unwind for controlled application.

Our second type of bandage we offer for you is the Cohesive Bandage Wrapped, great to immobilize joints following injury, just like the Un-Wrapped one. Each roll is individually wrapped for convenience and hygiene and can be torn by hand along length and width.

There are many forms you can use when applying bandages:

1. Circular Bandaging

2. Spiral Bandaging

3. Figure-Of-Eight Bandaging

And many more!

Circular bandaging is used to hold dressings on body parts such as arms, legs, chest, or abdomen or for starting others bandaging techniques. 

Spiral bandages are usually used for cylindrical parts of the body. An elasticated bandage can also be used to apply spiral bandaging to a tapered body part. Despite the increasing diameter of the body part, the elasticity will allow the bandage to fit closely to the skin.

The last one, the Figure-of-eight bandage involves two turns, with the strips of bandage crossing each other at the side where the joint flexes or extends. It is usually used to bind a flexing joint or body part below and above the joint.