Lip Care

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Lip Care

Here you can find any product you want to create a routine for your lips. Starting from Lip Balm with SPF, to normal Lip Balm, we have them all.

Ever wondered why your lips tend to chap and crack - even if your skin is oily?

Lips are likely to become chapped and cracked during the winter when it's dry and cold outside. Extreme heat or wind can also trigger chapping. Fortunately, a few simple steps can help keep your lips soft and smooth. This lip care routine will help your lips stay in tip-top shape — no matter the season.

While you might instinctively lick your lips to keep them moisturized, doing so actually leads to more dryness. Licking can also cause yeast to build upon the lips. 

The key to healthy lips is using a moisturizing product every day. If your lips are very dry, you may also want to exfoliate your lips 1-2 times per week.

How to take care of your lips?

There are two parts to a lip care routine: hydration and exfoliation. You'll only need to exfoliate if your lips are prone to chipping and cracking.

1. Hydrate

- Use an applicator or your fingers to apply moisturizing balm liberally over lips, including at the corners.

- If you’re spending time outside and your lip moisturizer doesn’t contain sunscreen, follow up with an SPF 30+ lip balm. You can find an SPF 30 lip balm here at Health7!

- Reapply as necessary at regular intervals throughout the day. Desai recommends using a hydrating lip product 2–4 times per day. You may need to use more if you have very dry lips or eczema.

2. Exfoliate

- Apply a small amount of exfoliating scrub to your fingertips.

- Gently rub over the lips in small circular motions for no more than 30 seconds.

- Leave the mixture on the lips for 10 minutes, allowing the nourishing oils to soak in.

- Rinse with warm water.

- Pat's skin is dry with a clean towel.

- Apply a protective balm to lock in moisture and soothe lips.