Blood Pressure

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Blood Pressure

Here at Health7, you will find the latest blood monitors, easy to use and comfortable, thanks to our suppliers in New Zealand. More and more experts now recommend that people with high blood pressure regularly check their blood pressure at home. 

Doing this gives people an idea of where their blood pressure stands in between office visits and can motivate them to care more about their health. That's why, exclusively for you, our monitors have the best performance in New Zealand, being as accurate as possible.

Although home pressure monitors aren't always as accurate as they should be, we try to offer the best option in the market at a more than affordable price. Because many doctors do rely at least in part on home measurements to guide treatment, such inaccuracies could end with some people taking too much or too little blood pressure medication. 

The fact that blood pressure measurements vary is no surprise. Blood pressure wanders all over the map throughout the day. It's generally lowest first thing in the morning, after a person wakes up, and then steadily rises. Blood pressure responds dynamically to movements, meals, and moods.

After you purchase one of our Blood Pressure Monitors, it's important to bring it into your doctor's office to test it against a known, 100% accurate instrument. It's also a good idea to redo the test every year. Rest assured that our products are verified constantly, but for your mental health, we recommend double-checking with your doctor.

To get the most accurate blood pressure readings at home, follow these steps:

 - Avoid caffeinated or alcoholic beverages, and don't smoke, during the 30 minutes before the test.

 - Sit quietly for five minutes with your back supported and feet on the floor.

 - When making the measurement, support your arm so your elbow is at the level of your heart.

 - Push your sleeves out of the way and wrap the blood pressure cuff over bare skin.

 - Don't be too concerned if a reading is high. Relax for a few minutes and try again.

 - Keep a record of your blood pressure readings and the time of day they are made.