Medical Products

Welcome to our Medical Equipment Products.

Medical Products

Here at Health7, we are trying to offer the best variant possible and the cheapest option for you to take care of your health. That being said, here at medical products you can find lots of products, including powder-free gloves, otoscope with throat illumin, led ophthalmoscope, digital BP devices, and many more. The best part is that we use only the best suppliers in New Zealand, such as Aaxis, Reynard, MIP, Berry, Orient Gene, and many more so you can have only the best, proven-to-work, comfortable, and easy to use products.

Medical equipment is used for the specific purposes of diagnosis and treatment of disease or rehabilitation following disease or injury. It can be used either alone or in combination with any accessory, consumable, or other piece of medical equipment.

Whatever problems you're having right now, our products are built to help you get through and heal so you can have a healthy life again.

Our medical products include blood pressure products, cast protectors, cholesterol, CPAP, doppler, gloves, and many more categories. 

New Zealand is in the top 3 in the country that has the best medical equipment. That's why our Health7 brand is a New Zealand online medical store because we want to deliver only the best products in the world.

The benefits of using our medical products are:

 - Cost-effective

Thanks to the brands we work with, we offer a very advantageous price compared to other shops specializing in such products.

 - Proven-To-Work

Our specialists offer a modern quality and function inspection, putting themselves in your shoes for a better insight into the mechanism of the product.

 - Results based

Everything we offer is for easy use from the comfort of your own home and to see results after a few days/weeks, or months as the case may be, but we always want to offer products that end with a positive result.