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Cleansing wipes are designed for personal hygiene needs and are ideal for those who may have limited mobility or incontinence issues. Adult wipes can help provide gentle care while cleansing after using the restroom or while changing incontinence products. 

A real reason why you should consider trying our wipes is that they can clean your jewelry, remove ink and permanent marker stains, remove stickers, and clean stainless steel. Regardless of your reason, our Isopropyl Alcohol wipes are a great solution for your house. Alcohol swabs can be used for skin preparation before injections. I know that injections can be unpleasant and sometimes painful, but it is better to disinfect the wound first and only then give the injection in question to avoid future problems or allergic reactions at that time.

How to choose the right cleansing wipes for you?

Is not that easy to buy cleansing wipes, because it's not a pretty straightforward endeavor as many of you would think. There are some factors to keep in mind first:

- Scented versus Unscented Cleansing Wipes

A lot of cleansing wipes include a scent. That’s fine for many people, but those who are sensitive to chemical smells — particularly perfumes — may want to choose products without a scent.

- With or Without Lotion

Who doesn’t love lotion? Soothing to apply, and it leaves a nice shimmery glow. If you tend to get dry skin, then choosing a wipe with lotion can help to keep your skin moisturized for longer.

- Flushable versus Non-Flushable

Wipes are notorious for causing plumbing problems and environmental damage, as they're hard to break down.