Shaped Pads

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Molicare Premium Form
Molicare Premium Form

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Shaped Pads

The Health7 medical online brand offers a large variety of incontinence products so you can choose the most suitable one. If you don't know what to choose, give us a quick message and we will help you alongside our specialists.

Large-shaped incontinence pads are designed for sufferers of moderate to heavy incontinence. Many will feature wetness indicators making it easier for individuals to know when to change. The large-shaped pads are designed to offer superior levels of absorbency. 

What pad is good for incontinence?

Every pad is good when used correctly for the right problem. Although, shaped pads are the most common type of incontinence pad. Their shape aligns with the contours of the body, providing comfort and protection. While they can be a little bulkier than rectangular pads, they tend to provide more protection than rectangular ones.

Our MoliCare Premium Form is an anatomically shaped continence pad for moderate to very heavy incontinence. This unique 3-layer absorbent core quickly guides fluid away from the skin to help keep the skin dry and maintain a healthy skin climate. It also delivers a fantastic feeling of gentle dryness on the skin. Soft, water-repellent and anti-leakage cuffs provide additional leakage protection from both sides.

Check our table to find how many drops you need, size and absorbency.

Our shaped incontinence pads are made for those who require a high absorbency incontinence product and wish to continue using pads. 

Don't worry, anyone can have these problems. We'll help you get through it all and get your life back to as normal as possible