First Aid Kits

Buy ready-made first aid kits for your house, office, or car today. You can be prepared and save lives during accidents if you have emergency kits and wound cleansing essentials ready.

First Aid Kits

There were 226.8 serious, non-fatal injuries per 100,000 people in New Zealand in 2020. 

A well-stocked first-aid kit can help you save lives -- yours, a loved one's, or a stranger's. An emergency kit can help prevent infections and reduce the severity of the injury.

Accidents happen whenever and wherever. At times injuries may be minor that all you need is a Band-Aid, but preparedness can make a huge difference. Your first aid kit can help you treat minor wounds, cuts, and burns. It can also save lives during serious situations such as broken bones and heart attacks. You will have everything together, so in times of an emergency, you can grab everything in one go.

Shop ready-made first aid kits today that include the following essentials:



Hypoallergenic tapes

Wound cleansers

Antibiotic ointments


Hot and cold packs

Extremity and finger splints



CPR resuscitation card

and more

You could assemble your first aid kit, but our pre-made first aid kits save you time and money.