You may see pro athletes wearing thigh sleeves, but what do these sleeves do?

McDavid 471 Thigh Sleeve
McDavid 471 Thigh Sleeve

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The most common answer is that you, like an athlete or a person who wants better control over their feet, will get a performance boost.

In the Health7 Thigh Support Sleeve category, you'll find the best and most practical products that will help you with whatever problem you may have. If you are still unsure about some of the products we deliver to you, just contact us and we'll talk more!

Firstly, a compression sleeve is a tight, elasticized band of fabric commonly worn on the legs or arms to improve blood flow. At the Thigh Support Sleeve, we offer products only for legs. 

Our Thigh Sleeve is made latex-free as neoprene provides thermal/compression therapy. Our leg products are fully adjustable, out heavy-duty nylon fabric for durability and we give some products in one size that fits most of the persons. 

If you are not interested in the one-size-fit thigh sleeve, we do have more products with sizes from small to x-large. Do measure your legs carefully before buying from us because choosing the wrong size of compression apparel can make you uncomfortable and may not provide the appropriate medical benefits of the product. For leg compression to be comfortable and effective it is best to get accurate size measurements of your legs.

Our recommendations:

* Do care for and wash your leg compression apparel every day. 

* Do use a stocking aid to put on your leg compressions apparel, such as a donning glove or stocking donner. It can reduce the chance that the apparel will snag from a fingernail, acts as a safeguard from overstretching one side, and provides extra grip which makes it easier to wear.

* Do wear your leg compression apparel first thing in the morning because that's when your legs and feet will be least swollen. Also, DON'T wear your leg compression apparel at night when sleeping because the legs are already in a neutral position when lying down and already allow for normalized blood flow.

* Do change your leg compression apparel every four to six months because all types of elasticity will eventually break down from daily usage.