Bed Mat

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Bed Mat

Our beds are environmentally friendly, suitable for use as a direct incontinence bed mat or as additional bed protection when used with or without continence pads. 

Some of the benefits of using our Bed Mats are:

- Absorbent layers of recycled cellulose for eco-friendly use

- Absorbent layers provide extra protection for various surfaces

- Waterproof polyethelyne back sheet for protection

- Hygenic care with single-use secure protection

- Dermatologically tested

- Simple use and storage

Most bed pads are designed to cover the mid-portion of a single bed. Also, they can be an alternative to wearing body-worn pads or other products, especially for someone who has only light and occasional bladder leakage or for people who try to remove body-worn pads due to confusion. People who experience bowel leakage will require a body-worn product.

Our Molicare Bed Mat 7 drops with cellulose fluff contain an absorbent core and waterproof polyethylene back sheet for reliable bed or chair protection. Our Premium Bed Mat 9 drop is a newly developed improvement, highly absorbent, and soft disposable bed mat. Provides hygienic care and comfort with extra leakage protection.

Whatever you choose for your incontinence problem, stay relaxed because you can find anything you want here, in one place. 

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