Walking Aids

Shop now for our great Health7 Walking Aids and choose the best variant out there.

Walking Aids

Health7 is here to help you with any kind of problem you face right now. If you need a mobility boost, try one of our walking sticks and you won't regret it.

Walking sticks and canes can provide a great mobility boost, but for those requiring the best comfort and support, Orthopaedic Walking Sticks are the best choice. That's where we exceed expectations. We are a New Zealand-proven medical online store with a lot of experience in this field, working only with the best doctors to provide quality and premium feel products meant to help your problem.

These sticks are designed to make walking with aid as comfortable as possible for those with mobility issues and feature ergonomic designs and intuitive features to improve positioning and gait.

The type of walking aid you should use depends on your situation and purpose. Some walking and mobility aids are used to keep weight off of injuries while others are designed to provide assistance with balance or to reduce fatigue from walking. For the last category, we suggest using one of the two Walking Sticks posted on the store: USL Crutches Height Adjustable Standard or USL Crutches Height Adjustable Anatomical.

Both Walking Aids have an aluminum-coated arm cuff and vinyl-coated handgrip, heavy-duty reinforced rubber tip for safety and silence and can support 100kg or up to 130kg. Also, both of our walking sticks have adjustable arm cuffs and handgrip heights for different user purposes. 

Take action now against any problems that may arise in the future and protect yourself with one of our walking sticks.