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Men's Pads H7 Heart

Men's Pads

Pads and pants designed for the male anatomy, providing secure fit and protection

Women's Pads H7 Heart

Women's Pads

Pads and pants designed for the female anatomy, providing secure fit and protection

Skin Care H7 Heart

Skin Care

MoliCare Skin products offer advanced skin protection without compromising the absorbent capabilities of MoliCare absorption products

Help and advice on incontinence

Do I have incontinence?

Incontinence is not a subject that's often discussed, but it's surprisingly common. There is a myth that only older people can develop incontinence but anyone at any age can be affected by the condition.

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How can I treat incontinence

If you are suffering from incontinence and need to use a pad, it is always advisable to change it often in order to keep your skin healthy. Most people suffering from urinary incontinence will need to change their continence pads regularly, about four to six times a day. Here’s a look at when you should change your pad and why.

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How can I manage incontinence at home

Incontinence is a common issue for people of all ages. Whether you happen to be a carer or a person living with incontinence, you can take several steps to manage the problem and help ensure that incontinence does not affect living a normal, happy life.

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10 questions to ask your doctor about incontinence

If you think you have incontinence, here are 10 questions to ask.

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