Health & Wellbeing

Welcome to the Medical Health and Wellbeing collection, a place that contains a lot of products, including silicone earplugs, ear drops, head lice treatment, floor mat non-slip, ear band, and many more.

Health & Wellbeing

Our collection is a must-have for the whole family.

Natural health management strategies and health products are used for physical and mental health and wellbeing. Health and Wellbeing solutions available at Health7 make a huge difference in people's lives all around New Zealand. It's about supporting wellness in every aspect of life. You'll find fantastic products here to help you attain and maintain your desired state of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing.

As we said, we have a lot of health and well-being products for every person based in New Zealand. It is therefore easy to get the wrong product that will not satisfy your needs. Here are some factors to consider when buying a health and wellness product:

 1. Efficiency and Quality

When choosing a health product look at the effectiveness of the product to heal or provide relief to the condition you are suffering from. We urge you to read the description or documentation twice as we make it very clear with each product what it is used for and when it is used. If you are in doubt about that, send us a quick message before you buy anything!

 2. Formulas and Dosages

You should also have some knowledge about the formulas and dosages you need to treat you. We are not the same, that's why it is advisable to know how much dosage of each treatment we offer you need. A higher amount taken can bring you serious problems, so if you're unsure, it's best to check with a doctor to give you a clear idea of your needs.

 3. Look at the cost

It is essential to also look at the cost of the products - at Health7, we offer the most competitive prices in New Zealand from some of the most reputatable brands in the industry.