Health & Wellbeing

A great range of health and wellbeing products that cover the whole family.

Health & Wellbeing

From ear care to cough and cold relief, our Health and Wellbeing collection offers a comprehensive product offering for the whole family.

Some factors to consider when buying a health and wellness product:

 1. Efficiency and Quality

When choosing a health product look at the effectiveness of the product to heal or provide relief to the condition you are suffering from - we encourage you to read the description or documentation on the product first to ensure it is right for your needs. If you are in doubt, check with your Healthcare Professional or send us a quick message before you purchase. 

 2. Formulas and Dosages

Everybody is different - and not all products are made equally. When purchasing, it is important to be aware of  the formulas and dosages to ensure that they are suitable for the individual using the product.  A formula that is not suitable for the user, or a higher dosage taken can bring serious problems. If you're unsure it's best to check with your doctor or Healthcare Professional first to give you an indication on the suitability of the product and a clear idea of your needs.

 3. Look at the cost

It is essential to also look at the cost of the products - at Health7, we offer the most competitive prices in New Zealand from some of the most reputatable brands in the industry.