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First of all - What are cosmeceuticals? 

Cosmeceuticals are products that have both cosmetic and therapeutic (medical or drug-like) effects and are intended to have a beneficial effect on skin health and beauty. Like cosmetics, they are applied topically as creams or lotions but contain active ingredients that have an effect on skin cell function. In other words, cosmeceuticals are cosmetic products with biologically active ingredients claiming to enhance skincare efficacy. 

Are they worth it?

Of course. And we are not saying that just because we sell a lot of high-quality cosmeceuticals products, but because they are often backed by science and research so the benefits of the products or ingredients have been proven to work. Ultimately, if you're interested in trying cosmeceutical skincare, you'll want to gradually introduce products into your skincare routine, based on the skin concerns you're targeting.

Are your cosmeceuticals safe?

Yes! Firstly, our cosmeceuticals products are delivered by the most trusted brand out there, La Clinica. All products are tested, functional, and in normal working order.

Why do you need our cosmeceuticals?

Cosmeceuticals can help minimize cosmetic problems like fine lines, uneven skin tone, or dull complexion. They can help you maintain your healthy skin, without needing a prescription. A really nice-to-have benefit for our cosmeceuticals is that they can work in tandem with topical prescription medications.

What are the risks involved in Health7 Cosmeceuticals?

One of the main risks that can happen to you is that your skin can become irritated. Because some of our cosmeceuticals products may contain a high amount of active ingredients, there's a chance they may irritate your skin. This often happens to people who do not read the instructions carefully and use our products without knowing exactly what they are used for!