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Medihoney Antibacterial Wound Gel is formulated from 100% Medical Grade Manuka Honey combined with natural gelling agents in a single patient multi-use tube. An issue found with other honey products, is that when they come into contact with warm environments, ie skin/wound they lose their integrity and run off. The gelling agents allow this formulation to remain more viscous even when warmed.

Medihoney has been shown to be effective against Biofilms, delivering broad spectrum antimicrobial activity.


Cleans: Cleans the wound of bacteria, dead tissue, dirt and debris by drawing it into the dressing.

Protects: Reduces the risk of bacterial infection.

Heals: Creates a moist, low pH environment that assists minor wound healing.

Medihoney® Antibacterial Wound Gel™ has been specifically formulated combining 80% antibacterial honey and 20% natural plant wax and oils to provide a high viscosity gel that is easy to apply with good wash off characteristics when dressings are changed.

This easy to apply gel creates a moist, low pH environment that supports new tissue formation and assists wound healing. 

Medihoney® Antibacterial Wound Gel™ is suitable for burns, cuts and grazes. It can also be used on pressure, venous, and leg and foot ulcers when recommended by your healthcare professional. It can be used in all stages of wound healing.