Check now our Facial Paper collection, a place where you can find the best-recycled tissues.


A facial tissue refers to a class of soft, absorbent, disposable papers that are suitable for use on the face. Here at Health7, we are offering 100% recycled paper for your needs at an advantageous price. The price for or product is the same or even less than buying any old cleaning, hygiene or packaging product - but it makes a big difference to the environment, our children's future, and possibly your health right now.

In addition to makeup and beauty, facial tissues are one of those convenient products that can be used for various odds and ends, making them a handy item to have around the office. Tissues are particularly useful for quick cleanups and spills as well as dusting and can be used as padding for delicate items.

Does facial tissue dissolve?

Yes, facial tissue paper dissolves in water. The only problem is that tissue paper takes far too much time to dissolve compared to toilet paper. Toilet papers take 1-4 minutes to disintegrate into tiny particles that make their way into the septic tank or sewer effortlessly. But, as I said, facial tissue paper is different. They can remain in the water for an extended period without disintegrating. And it's surprising, especially knowing that toiler papers and facial tissue papers are made from the same materials. 

Why won't facial tissue disintegrate in water the same as with toilet paper?

The bottom line is that facial tissue paper boasts a different design. That is, tissue paper is not designed to disintegrate faster in water. They are designed to absorb moisture. If tissue papers were designed to disintegrate quickly once dissolved in moisture, they wouldn't be doing their cleaning job perfectly well. 

How long does it take tissue paper to dissolve in water?

The short answer - is over 6 weeks. So be aware when you are trying to flush our facial tissues down the toilet.