Isocol Rubbing Alcohol Antiseptic


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Isocol Rubbing Alcohol Antiseptic kills 99% of germs on a multitude of surfaces, including skin!

Isocol Rubbing Alcohol is an effective antiseptic, cleanser and freshener all in one bottle. With so many uses for your everyday life, it’s a useful product for all households. The active ingredient Isopropyl Alcohol is an antiseptic that evaporates quickly and leaves a fresh subtle fragrance and a tingling fresh feeling on the skin.

Isocol helps prevent pimples and acne, and dries oily skin when used twice daily. Can be used as an aftershave, body rub and cleanser. Isocol replaces the need for various different cleaning products.

With so many uses Isocol 100% Isopropyl Alcohol is a handy product for every inch of your home, garage or worksite. This multi-surface cleaner is so tough it removes paint, ink, grease, silicone and all sorts of nasty grime from any surface. Isocol 100% Isopropyl Alcohol kills germs, evaporates quickly and can be used on a multitude of surfaces.

Comes in a large 345ml, or a convenient 75ml spray.

Directions and Precautions
  • Hand sanitiser - Isocol kills 99% of germs on the skin with no water, no mess, and no fuss. Keep it with you and keep bacteria at bay!
  • Earcare - Prep for new piercings, dab Isocol on a cotton tip to prep the area for newly pierced ears.
  • Pimples and spots - Our 64% Isopropyl Alcohol solution sanitises the skin around the area of the pimple or spot, which may help to reduce the chance of skin infections caused by surface bacteria.
  • First aid kits - Whether you're thinking ahead or responding to an incident - Isocol will clean your hands prior to attending to the emergency.
  • Public toilets - Everyone's worst nightmare. Use Isocol to sanitise your hands upon leaving public restrooms to ensure you don't take any germs from the tap, door or other surfaces out with you.
  • Foot odour - To remove foot odour, spritz your feet with Isocol.
  • Working Out - Dumbbells, golf clubs, cricket bats, gloves, mitts and shin guards - protect yourself from communal sports/gym equipment germs by sanitising your hands with Isocol in between stations or games.
  • Working from home - Busy day at the desk? Don't forget to spray your hands with Isocol. Guards against germs

Do not apply to burns or broken or inflamed skin. Do not dilute before use, or mix with detergents or other chemicals.
Do not use on children under 5 year of age.


Active Ingredients: Isopropyl alcohol 64% v/v