Unfortunately, we have all experienced this problem at least once in our lives.


We know you're here because it bothers you and you have unpleasant pain around your lip. Fear not, we have all the products you need to get you through this nasty time. Health7 is made for people like you, who need help and are trying to get help in one place.

A cold sore is a group of tiny, painful blisters caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV). They're also called fever blisters or herpes simplex labialis. Up to 90% of people around the world have at least one form of HSV. The symptoms are usually the most severe the first time you get cold sores. A first-time cold sore can make a child seriously ill, so you need to take care as soon as possible.

Our Carnation Cold Sore Patch discreetly protects the lips from contamination and helps prevent the cold sore from spreading, whilst the hypoallergenic adhesive also contains a natural antiseptic. 

The benefits for our Cold Sore Patch:

 - Invisible protection for cold sores

 - Discreetly protects from contamination

 - Helps prevent spreading

 - Hypoallergenic adhesive also contains natural antiseptic

 - Pack of 10

We also have lip balm original's concentrated formula is specially designed to hydrate and soften severely dry lips. The price for our Lips treatment are the best in the market.

Your lips need protection every day, with New Zealand's harsh sun, protect yourself today!