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Excilor 2in1 warts treatment with the unique Duo-ActiveTM Technology has a unique mode of action; Treats the wart both from the inside-out (cryo treatment) and from the outside-in (gel treatment)

  • More about DuoActive™ Technology
  • For highly effective warts removal in only 5 days
  • Unique 2in1 warts treatment
  • Combines cryo & gel treatment
  • Effective wart treatment
  • Treatment period 5 days
  • Easy to use
  • Winner 2018 Pharma Award. For 'best innovation

Apply the cryotherapy one time on day 1, followed on day 2 by the gel treatment, 2 times daily for 4 days.

When used for the first time, treat only one wart before treating multiple warts, to experience the effect on your skin. Start treating another wart only if you didn't experience any side-effects (normally within 5 days). If there are multiple warts close to one another (within 1 cm), wait until the skin has returned to normal before treating another wart (this can take up to 6 weeks).

If the wart does not disappear completely, the treatment can be repeated up to 3 times. Repeat the entire treatment cycle after a minimum of 4 days up to 1 week resting period.


For warts located on hands and feet only.

Do not swallow or inhale the freezing agent, use only in well ventilated areas.

Only use in combination with the foams provided.

The foam pads are for single use only.

The freezing agent is flammable and may cause frostbites on healthy skin.

Avoid contact with eyes and mucosal membranes. In case the gel accidentally comes in contact with eyes or mucosal membranes, rinse with plenty of water and seek medical assistance.

After use, there may be small residues of treatment gel left in the device, therefore, caution is recommended when closing and re-opening the device.