Diagnostic Sets

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Diagnostic Sets

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Diagnostic sets are a key tool for clinicians, allowing nurses, doctors, and other medical staff to perform an initial diagnosis of the ears, eyes, and throat. A diagnostic set is a set of medical tools used to diagnose patients, by examining the ear, eyes, and throat. The set may consist of a single powered handle with different attachments that can bewitch out to examine different areas, or it may consist of two separate devices, an ophthalmoscope, and an otoscope.

Whichever option you choose, the devices follow the same basic design. The base/handle of the device features a strong light source and a magnifying glass, which work together to illuminate and enlarge the ears, eyes, or throat so clinicians can more easily examine these small, delicate areas with precision.

When do you need to use an ophthalmoscope?

A critical part of any diagnostic set, an ophthalmoscope is used to examine the back of the eyes. There are two main types of ophthalmoscopes - the traditional standard direct attachment and the Welch Ally PanOptic head (which points out perpendicular to the handle - this product you'll find here in this collection).

The PanOptic attachments are more expensive, but also a lot more powerful. The technology is advanced and really easy to use, more conveniently than a standard ophthalmoscope. 

Our ophthalmoscope use LED lights combined with a half-moon or slit aperture to illuminate the eye. The standard direct ophthalmoscope is usually fine for doctors, nurses, and other clinicians just starting out, but those who specialize in ophthalmology practices may want to consider upgrading to one of our Welch Allyn Diagnostic Ophthalmoscopes/Otoscope products.