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Here at Health7, a medical online store brand based in New Zealand, you will find Powder-Free Gloves for your daily needs.

Powder-free gloves undergo a process known as chlorination that helps make latex gloves less form-fitting so that powder is not needed for easy donning and removal. During the process, gloves are treated with a chlorine solution, rinsed with water, and dried to remove most of the powdered residue and latex proteins. 

The downside of the process is that powder-free gloves can be harder to remove quickly and may decrease the firmness of the glove’s grip. Powder-free gloves are also more expensive than powdered gloves due to the extra effort involved in the chlorination process.

Our gloves are made with nitrile. Nitrile Gloves are one of the best alternatives to latex gloves because you can use them for many of the same tasks as latex gloves, but you don't have to worry about latex allergies. Nitrile gloves are a perfect choice for hospitals, dental clinics, and other medical facilities because of their excellent chemical resistance which is much needed during an international pandemic. 

Here are a few benefits of using nitrile gloves in your medical practice or foodservice establishment (or your own home):

 - The material is very resistant to chemicals, which is preferred for cleaning or dealing with hazardous items

 - Nitrile gloves are thin but strong. As a result, they provide excellent tactile sensitivity, which is essential when completing delicate medical tasks

 - They mold to your hands tightly and comfortably

 - There is no powder, so they don't have a residue on your hands

 - They are latex-free, so you can use them without fear of causing an allergic reaction