Do you want to be protected these days against bacteria, viruses, and dust? Then you definitely are in the right place.


Avoid contact with germs and bacteria, especially during these difficult times, and decrease your chances of getting sick from those around you. Protect yourself with our suitable masks for you and those close to you!

What type of mask should you wear?

The types of face masks that can be used include:

- medical face masks

- respirators

- community face coverings.

If community face coverings are used, they should comply with available guidelines for filtration efficacy and breathability.

Respirators (also known as FFP2 or N95 masks) may provide better protection compared with medical masks for the public, as properly fitted respirators provide better filtration.  

We have a large inventory of FFP2 masks only for you. Protect yourself now until it's too late!

Are there any masks you shouldn't wear during these times?

Face coverings limit the volume and travel distance of expiratory droplets dispersed when talking, breathing, and coughing. A face covering without vents or holes will also filter out particles containing the virus from inhaled and exhaled air, reducing the chances of infection.

But, if the mask includes an exhalation valve, a wearer that is infected (maybe without having noticed that, and asymptomatic) would transmit the virus outwards through it, despite any certification they can have.

The masks with exhalation valves are not for infected wearers and are not reliable to stop the pandemic on a large scale. Here in New Zealand, we encourage or mandate the use of face masks or cloth face coverings by members of the public to limit the spread of the virus.