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Check our Rapid Antigen Test and check if you have problems with your Covid or not simple and easy.

Rehab Equipment

Sometimes called a rapid antigen detection test, antigen rapid test, or loosely just a rapid test, is a rapid diagnostic test suitable for point-of-care testing that directly detects the presence or absence of an antigen. 

Our rapid test generally gives a result in 5 to 30 minutes, require minimal training or infrastructure, and have significant cost advantages. Rapid Antigen Tests are based on the principle of antigen-antibody interaction. Antibodies directed against the SAR-CoV-2 virus antigens, which are proteins on the surface of the virus, will detect the virus in the nasopharyngeal sample. A positive result with an antigen test will need to be confirmed by an RT-qPCR test.

The COVID-19 Rapid Tests are in vitro immunochromatographic assays for the rapid, qualitative detection of IgG and IgM antibodies, nucleocapsid protein antigen, and neutralizing antibody from SARS-CoV-2 in a nasal swab.

Here are some benefits of using our Rapid Antigen Test:

 - Facilitates patient treatment decisions quickly

 - Simple, time-saving procedure

 - Verify vaccine effectiveness

 - All necessary reagents were provided and no equipment was needed

 - High sensitivity and specificity

 - Shelf life: 24 months

 - Storage: 2-30 degrees

Our RATs can last for 24 months, so makes perfect sense to always keep a decent stock in your home.