Barrier Cream

Welcome to our Barrier Creams collection.

Barrier Cream

Barrier Creams go by many names (skin balms, salves, ointments) but they've all got the same goal in mind - to keep your skin hydrated and protected. They can be useful if your skin's natural barrier function isn't working as it should, whether it's because of a skin condition (think: eczema, dermatitis, rosacea, and acne) or just an effect of the cold, dry winter.

No matter the cause of your skin woes, one thing's for sure: Dry and/or damaged skin can be a real drag. 

Our barrier creams maintain and protect the physical barrier of the skin and prevent the skin from drying out. They stop transepidermal water loss and skin breakdown by providing a topical barrier on the skin. These creams can also heal skin tears and existing wounds. By acting as a shield against potential irritants, they are designed to create the ideal environment for damaged skin to restore itself.

How to use our Barrier Creams?

Barrier creams have several uses, including:

 - Reducing friction and irritation

 - Retaining moisture and suppleness of the skin (aka reducing transepidermal water loss)

 - Soothing burns and other injuries

 - Softening dry skin (think: chapped lips and nostrils in the winter)

 - Protecting from chemicals or environmental insults (can be used on hands like an invisible glove)

 - Helping wound healing

 - Sealing cracks or fissures in the skin

Our 3M Cavilon Durable Barrier Cream is a concentrated cream that provides durable, long-lasting protection from body fluids while moisturizing the skin.