Panasonic 9 Volt Alkaline





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Panasonic 9 Volt Alkaline batteries are masterfully crafted to endure the rigours of everyday use, and deliver powerful performance in a compact build. This 9V battery pack makes the perfect energy source for various electrical devices such as digital cameras and remote controls. Each battery also offers incredibly low self-discharge, sustaining an impressively long shelf life.

Key Features
  • High Power: Power your day! Panasonic’s 9V batteries serve as a reliable source of energy for various personal appliances.
  • Safe and Reliable: These batteries are reinforced with Anti-leak Protection, Triple Tough Coating, and Extra Power Formula to ensure incredible performance and optimum device safety.
  • Long Lifecycle: Each high-capacity battery is exceptionally long-lasting and perfect for everyday use. If stored correctly, it will retain a large percentage of its original capacity for up to 10 years.
  • Compatibility: The battery is compatible with various devices such as digital cameras, remote controls, and many more.