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Carnation Corn Shields are an advanced soft polymer gel that protects and relieves painful corns, absorbing shock and reducing friction.

  • Slim design, elasticated fabric outer keeps the shield in place and stretches to fit most sizes
  • Contains mineral oil to soften and moisturise the skin – can help to gently remove corns and prevent pressure which causes reoccurrence
  • Stretch for use on all toes and especially useful for corns on the 5th toe
  • Washable and reusable

Directions and Precautions
  1. Ensure the skin is clean and dry
  2. Apply the corn shield around the affected area, with the gel layer next to the skin. Stretch widthways before applying intended for use on the big toe.
  3. Remove overnight to allow the skin to breathe.

Not suitable for diabetics or those with circulatory disorders without professional advice. Discontinue use if irritation develops. Do not use on open wounds