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Carnation Hydrocorn offers a gentle, effective way to remove corns.

  • Clear self-adhesive straps hold the central hydrocolloid disc firmly in place
  • Central disc adheres firmly to the corn site and retains the body’s natural moisture, forming a gel which cushions the corn and softens the skin allowing gentle corn removal
  • Removes corns naturally over an average 20 day period
  • Can be used to protect a corn site after initial corn removal
  • Helps to slow down the recurrence of a corn

Carnation Hydrocorn is available in packs of 10 dressings.

Directions and Precautions
  1. Wash feet with soap and water, dry thoroughly
  2. Using paper finger lift, remove dressing from backing sheet. Folding sheet back and gently lifting central disc may ease removal
  3. Apply central disc over corn and press firmly to adhere
  4. The adhesive straps aid adhesion and can be trimmed as required. Remove paper finger lift before finally securing
  5. Repeat treatment every 2 days until corn is easily removed.

Not suitable for diabetics or those with circulatory disorders without professional advice. Discontinue use if irritation develops.