Excilor 3 in 1 Protector Spray 100ml





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Excilor 3 in 1 Protector Spray dries quickly is active for 8 hours of protection and acts like an invisible sock. It can be applied to children 2 years old and over.

  • Creates an ultra-thin, non-sticky layer, which acts as an 'invisible sock'
  • Creates a superficial barrier that physically protects the skin and also creates an unfavourable environment for microbes**
  • Active 8 hour protection against contraction during barefoot activity
  • Waterproof
Protects against foot infections:
  • Warts
  • Athlete's foot
  • Nail fungus
Who should use Excilor 3-in-1 Protector Spray?
  • Young children
  • People who play sports – indoors and outdoors
  • Swimming pool/gym visitors
  • Travelers
How it works

Excilor 3-in-1 Protector Spray is sprayed on the soles of the feet, between toes and on nails and creates an ‘invisible sock’ which blocks pathogens from reaching the skin and prevents the pathogens from proliferating. Applying Excilor 3-in-1 Protector Spray before engaging in barefoot activities on infected surfaces will actively protect your feet and nails from getting verrucas, athlete’s foot and nail fungus. Moreover, (re)applying Excilor 3-in-1 Protector Spray before putting on socks & shoes will protect the feet and nails from cross-contamination by infected socks & shoes.