fittydent Adhesive for Dentures


  • 20gm Tube
  • 40gm Tube



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Fittydent Adhesive for Dentures is the only denture adhesive worldwide which is waterproof, thus it will not wash out while eating and drinking. It provides an extremely strong hold and assures that the denture will stay fixed to the gum all day long. Fittydent Super Denture Adhesive gives you the freedom and confidence to speak and laugh freely all day long, and helps you to eat and drink without worry or embarrassment.

  • Waterproof – will not wash out while eating & drinking
  • The healthy denture adhesive, because it will not be washed out by saliva or drinks
  • The first denture adhesive which is not only great for uppers, but was specifically designed for lowers
  • New technologhy means no slipping or sliding of the dentures
  • Lasts all day with just one application