NovaLife TRE 1 Open Soft Convex Maxi 15-44mm



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NovaLife TRE is designed to help keep skin naturally healthy. One barrier. Three levels of protection:

  • Adhesion -  TRE™ is designed to provide a secure and flexible seal to help protect the skin from stoma output and to be easy to remove
  • Absorption - TRE™ is designed to help absorb excess moisture without losing internal or external strength
  • pH balance - Should digestive enzymes get on the skin, pH buffering helps create an undesirable environment for digestive enzymes, helping decrease their skin damaging effects

When it comes to your peristomal skin, there is no such thing as too much protection.


  • 6mm soft convexity helps push the stoma into the pouch
  • EasiView™ viewing option designed for easy inspection of the stoma
  • NovaLife™ filter helps minimise the risk of pouch ballooning
  • Outlet is discreetly concealed in the shape of the pouch
  • Staggered closure plates are designed for easy handling, emptying, and cleaning
  • Secure Velcro® fastening