Bag Drain Urine 2L NRV T Tap 100cm Tube



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Protec Urine Bag is a larger capacity urine collection bag suitable for use at night or by someone confined to bed or a wheelchair for extended periods of time.

Capacity: 2000ml

Bag Make Up: Transparent/White foil

Tube: Tube O.D. 6.5mm, length 100cm

Valve: Cross Valve, 'T' valve

Package: HDPE Individual pouch, 10ea/pack, 200ea/carton

Carton Size: 56x40x29cm

Gross Weight/Net Weight: 13Kgs/12Kgs

Remark: ETO Sterile

Care Instructions

Take care to avoid allowing the the tubing to become kinked, twisted, looped or curved in the set-up. The tap should be supported clear of the floor to reduce the risk of cross-infection. The bag may be suspended from a floor stand or a hanger hooked onto a bed or chair frame.