Conni Chair Pad Medium


  • Tartan 48x48cm
  • Blue 48x48cm





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The Conni Chair Pad absorbs fluid, protecting your furniture, wheelchair and car.
It is suitable for adult incontinence and child toilet training. 


  • Absorbs fluid to protect furniture, wheelchairs and cars
  • Suitable for adult incontinence and child toilet training
  • Comfortable top layer, highly absorbent core and breathable PUL waterproof backing
  • Machine washable and suitable for tumble dryers
  • PVC free

Use the Conni chair pad to protect the seating in your vehicle, wheelchair or general furniture. Place discreetly on top of your lounge, chair, car seat or other furniture. The chair pad absorbs fluid and protects seating, avoiding the need to clean and deodorise soiled furniture.


Care Instructions

The chair pad is washable and reusable. Simply wash in the washing machine and tumble dry on a low heat or line dry. 

We do not use PVC
The technical experts at Conni have recognised that PVC should not be used as a waterproof barrier due to its toxicity. 

Conni products are Oeko-Tex accredited and safe to use against the skin