Sealtight Paediatric Leg 58cm





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Seal-Tight Cast And Bandage Protector is a completely watertight cover that is worn over a cast or bandage to allow you to bathe or shower.  Made from quality, durable materials which last longer, and help promote healing and recovery— unlike cheap, homemade plastic alternatives.

Easy, professional protection—simplifies showering and bathing

Suitable for children

  • Provides a firm, yet comfortable fit that's squeegee-tight to keep out water
  • Safely allows normal showering and bathing routines—economically
  • Improves hygiene! Keeps skin clean and dry
  • Avoids costly re-casting—keeps casts dry to prevent unnecessary doctor visits
  • Reusable and guaranteed to last the life of the cast
Directions and Precautions
  1. Unfold cast protector completely
  2. Pull Sealtight over cast by stretching diaphragm opening with thumbs, as you hold ring. DO NOT apply by pulling on rubber diaphragm.
  3. Push the plastic ring toward the cast so the inner edge of rubber points up and away from cast.
  4. To remove: Dry rubber diaphragm and stretch diaphragm to ease over heel or elbow. DO NOT remove by pulling on the bag.

For therapeutic care/daily showering or bathing only. When submersing, do not put weight on plastic ring. Not intended for recreational water activites. Use care around water, may be slippery when wet. With children, adult supervision recommended. Consult your doctor if diaphragm causes discomfort or swelling.