Rocktape H20


  • 5cm x 5m Beige
  • 5cm x 5m Blue
  • 5cm x 5m Black





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RockTape H2O has an enhanced adhesive that was initially developed for water polo where there is both grappling and water involved.  RockTape H2O is popular for those who spend long periods of time in the water, or those working in higher humidity during the summer months. RockTape can be used by everyone – from kids to senior citizens!  It’s not just for sports injuries, but can help to manage muscle and joint issues in people of all ages.  

  • Assists to decrease pain and reduce swelling and bruising
  • Provides functional support while allowing full range of movement
  • Hypoallergenic - no zinc oxide or latex
  • Water resistant - can be worn for up to 5 days



97% cotton, 3% Nylon 6/12, low moisture absorption