Sensitive Skin

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Sensitive Skin

Here at Health7, we are always trying to offer only the best deals and treatments for various problems you may face, and sensitive skin is one of the most common issues someone can have. 

The are many causes for sensitive skin, including environment, harsh active ingredients, chemicals, genetic predisposition, and temporary physical vulnerability due to triggers such as stress. LA CLINICA’s Sensitive Skin products combine soothing plant-derived ingredients with cosmeceutical actives. These ingredients are reputed to help build up the skin’s tolerance to external stimuli and help assist to alleviate sensitive skin conditions. With the right skincare for sensitive skin, you’ll be able to alleviate symptoms to gain healthy, happy skin.

If you gave sensitive skin, try one of our proven-to-work LA Clinica Sensitive Skin products. From Relief Oil to Moisture Mask, we have it all. Depending on your needs, we can offer the best deal and product to your home fast enough so you can start your treatment right away.

We also offer a protection skin kit used for calming and relieving irritated, sensitive skin conditions, ideal for those suffering from delicate and irritated skin conditions, such as rosacea, dermatitis, psoriasis, and eczema. This kit offers daily treatment skincare for sensitive skin conditions made from safe, natural ingredients. 

Sensitive skin is generally classified into three groups:

Group 1: Low barrier function. Alteration of the skin’s barrier function with high TEWL and abnormal desquamation. 

Group 2: Inflammation; the presence of inflammation, but normal barrier function 

Group 3: Neurosensitive group normal barrier function, no inflammation, but exaggeration on the nerve response in the skin.

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