Skin Relief

Learn the secrets of skin reliefs! Discover the complete skincare ritual from the beauty experts.

Skin Relief

Order oil face and body, body butter, or relief gel now from Health7, a New Zealand brand specially created for New Zealand people to prevent and treat the problems we are facing every single day. Don't worry, our products are made by the best people out there, such as the La Clinica brand.

The skin performs several important functions for the human body, from eliminating toxins to regulating body temperature. With this in mind, it is the responsibility of each of us to support its specific activities so that the body's largest organ can function at its best.

Ideal for stretch marks, scars, dry and itchy skin conditions, our vitamin oil face and body product is increasingly making its way into the hearts of New Zealand women. 

Also, don't forget about our skin relief body butter, suitable for all skin types and ideal for all ages, and our cooling relief gel, ideal after a hot day in the sun, helping you to keep skin soft and minimizing skin peeling.

If you dream of perfect, smooth, glowing skin, one of your beauty routine concerns should be choosing a product from the Health7 Skin Relief collection. 

There are some recommendations for your skin relief even if you don't purchase any product:

1. Keep your body hydrated all day!

Our experts say that skin relief can be made firstly through optimal water consumption every day. When it comes to skin health, it helps create a barrier between skin tissue cells and environmental factors that can cause dehydration. 

2. Vitamins and minerals 

To prevent skin relief, there is a fairly extensive list of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, Zinc, and Selenium.