TriggerPoint Nano Foot Roller


  • TriggerPoint NANO Foot Roller Orange Regular
  • TriggerPoint NANO Foot Roller Black Firm





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The TriggerPoint NANO® Foot Roller is designed to increase flexibility, relieve aches and pains, and target tension in the small muscles of the foot and forearm. The raised tips replicate the feeling of a massage therapist's fingertips to channel nutrients directly to the tissue and improve circulation. 

 The NANO™ Foot Roller surface provides a systematic approach to blood flow by channelling nutrients directly to the tissue. Designed to mirror the feeling of a massage therapist’s fingertips, the NANO™ Foot Roller is supported by our educational platform that is recognized globally for its effectiveness in the application of myofascial release. 

  • Available in NANO orange regular density and  NANO X black firm density. 
  • 15cm (L) x 6.8cm (W)