Massage and Recovery

The role of massage and muscle recovery products in sport

The role of massage and muscle recovery products in sport

Recovery is an important part of any physical activity whether it be post gym-workout or sports game. The purpose of recovery is to allow your muscles to repair and strengthen and can be broken down into two categories: passive or active. 

Passive recovery involves stillness and rest, while active recovery involves being active in a way that promotes recovery by using gentler, less intense movement or motion.  

Active recovery can be achieved using self-massage tools, such as foam rollers, massage balls and massage guns. The purpose of these self-massage tools is to increase blood flow, provide a myofascial release and reduce recovery time between activity. We’ve picked out our top three massage products for active recovery.  

TriggerPoint Core Foam Roller 

Foam rolling is a self-myofascial release (SMR) technique, that aims to increase range of motion and circulation and reduce muscle soreness. The TriggerPoint Core Foam Roller is an affordable grid-foam roller that offers moderate compression for a comfortable total-body massage. It is ideal for users new to foam-rolling, while still offering a multi-dimensional surface to break up knots and tight muscles. The 30cm size makes it ideal to travel with or put in your sports bag for on-the-go recovery.   

Crossfit Massage Ball 

Crossfit Massage balls are great for reducing muscle tension and tightness, and the smaller size means that they can target areas that foam rollers don’t reach. The is great for relieving muscle aches and breaking up muscle knots, and easily targets hard to reach trigger points. It can be used on the upper and lower back, shoulder, legs, and feet. The small lightweight 6cm design allows for on-the-go relief and is a great self-massage tool for before and after exercise. 

TriggerPoint Massage Buffer  

Massage guns have become a popular recovery tool, giving you the feeling of a hands-on deep tissue massage at home. Some studies1 suggest that the vibration therapy offered through massage guns can help increase sports performance, by decreasing the impact of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). The TriggerPoint Massage Buffer helps to facilitate blood-flow into muscles, providing targeted relief. It is re-chargeable and compact, making it suitable to take and use on-the-go.  

The above information is designed as a guide only. Please consult with your healthcare professional to ensure that you select the most appropriate massage tool for your needs.