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Understanding Ankle Bracing

Understanding Ankle Bracing

While most ankle sprains are mild and can be treated with a conservative approach, some sprains are more significant and require a greater level of attention and on-going management.  

After a significant ankle injury, part of your rehab may include the need to wear a supportive brace. The level of support you require is dependent on the level of your injury. We’ve picked out our top three ankle braces for moderate to significant injuries, to help you get back out there and live life well. 

McDavid 195

One of the top-selling ankle braces on the New Zealand market and the official brace of Netball New Zealand. The McDavid 195 Ankle brace offers superb ankle support to prevent and heal ankle sprains and injuries. 


  • Simulates athletic taping with a figure-6 strapping system
  • Lacing system and supportive figure-6 straps provide medial and lateral protection  
  • Adjustable and fits well in most sports shoes  
  • Universal fitting (left and right) 
  • Ideal for moderate to significant ankle sprains and ligament instabilities  

BioSkin AFTR with Gel

A lightweight and breathable ankle support, while providing you with a high level of support and compression. The BioSkin AFTR is neoprene and latex free making it suitable for those who require a hypoallergenic option.  


  • Easy to fit and fully adjustable Velcro closure. The brace is also trimmable to fit length of foot 
  • Includes medial and lateral plastic stays and a figure 8 strap to limit movement and provide support 
  • Two gel pads to help control inflammation following injury 
  • Universal fitting (left and right)
  • Ideal for moderate to significant ankle sprains and ligament instabilities, and suitable as an option to control pain and swelling following injury  

Zamst A2-DX  

Provides a high level of support for moderate to severe ankle sprains and instability. The Zamst A2-DX is made of a lightweight, breathable material designed to keep you cool during exercise and sport.  


  • Exterior moulded supports 
  • X-Cross strap to provide extra support 
  • Size and side specific 
  • Ideal for moderate to significant ankle sprains and instabilities 

The above information is designed as a guide only. Please consult with your healthcare professional to ensure that you select the most appropriate brace for your needs.